About Bags of Ethics

We're happy that our dust bag supplier is Bags of Ethics. Read why* we selected Bags of Ethics as our supplier.

* Information kindly provided by Bags of Ethics


We believe that the people behind the product should be valued and celebrated just as much as the product itself. We place a large emphasis on the farmers, designers, tailors, packers, artists and consumers, and believe that every individual who contributes to the production of our bags should have their efforts recognised.


Our manufacturer works with farmers of cotton who are
certified under international labelling organisations such as Fairtrade, Global
Organic Textile Standards (GOTS), and the SEDEX ethical auditing body.
Accreditations from organisations such as Fairtrade assures that the farmers
growing the cotton for our products are paid better prices, have decent working
conditions and have fair terms of trade. This allows the farmers to have more
control over their lives, and receive a wage worthy of the work that they put into
growing the product.

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Tailors and Manufacturing Teams

Our accredited manufacturer owns the factory in which all of
our products are made – full control of the supply chain. Situated in Pondicherry, South India, 9/10 of the people working at the factory are women. These women are pillars of their community, with the vast majority being the main breadwinners for their family. The women are involved in every aspect of the manufacturing process – including non-traditional roles.

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REUSE: All of our reusable packaging can be reused over 5000 times, and most are 100% biodegradable. One dust bag will save over 5,000 single-use plastic bags, which if implemented by even a small amount of people would have a dramatic effect on the amount of single-use plastic making its way into our oceans and waterways. Our factory also no longer pack samples in poly-bags, instead we use off-cut/ upcycled fabric envelopes and newspaper stuffing to maintain shape, further reducing single-use plastic consumption.

CO2/ TREE PLANTING/ ENERGY: At Bags of EthicsTM we do everything possible to limit our carbon emissions, such as using less electricity, and where possible shipping orders via sea freight rather than air. We also use 100% renewable energy in the UK as part of our energy consumption. We have currently launched a tree planting scheme to sequester CO2. The tree-planting will be done in the locality of our factory.

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We have a variety of processes and accreditations which mean our production methods and product are driven to be as reusable, and as long-lasting as possible.

- ORGANIC: We offer organic, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified
cotton. This means that the farmers who grow the cotton are not using pesticides which contain nitrates – nitrates easily enter the watercourse and have an adverse effect on biodiversity, soil and public health.

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NATURAL FABRICS: Other fabrics that we offer have been produced with materials grown by farmers who are part of communities which protect the
land they use to grow the cotton (Agrocel community farmers).

- INKS/ DYES: We also use non-toxic inks and dyes that are REACH compliant.

INKS: Most of our water-based inks are also vegetable based.

- VEGAN: We have also introduced a high-quality vegan leather options
We are vegan certified (The Vegan Society) for our products and production

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