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Comments From Our Founder

As great as it is to buy something pretty, in today's consumer society we have a duty to consider the impact of our purchase.

This inspired my mission to source trending handbags and accessories that are cruelty-free and consider sustainability.

Our collection doesn't compromise on style either.

Lovely looking handbags that strike a great balance between value and style - so it won't blow your entire fashion and beauty budget!

Trudy xx

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Bags of Ethics


Our dust bag manufacturer works with cotton farmers certified under international labelling organisations such as Fairtrade assuring farmers growing the cotton are paid better prices and have decent working conditions.
Our accredited manufacturer owns the factory – full control of the supply chain and 9/10 of the people working at the factory are women.

Our dust bags can be reused over 5000 times, and are 100% biodegradable. One dust bag will save over 5,000 single-use plastic bags.
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